Welcome to the Tall Club of New York City's web site. Yes, this really is a club for TALL people. If you're a tall person living in the NY metro area, this site has lots of stuff that should be of interest to you.

For the tall, urbane, sophisticated New Yorker we offer social events in all of NYC's best places, travel around the world and lots and lots of great tall friends to hang out with.

Even if you're not tall yourself, but you care about someone who is, we're here to help. We have information on where to find tall clothing, sporting goods, tall gear, information about tall-specific health issues and more.

Just want to find out more about the club? Want information about the 55 other tall clubs in the United States? Looking for other web sites of interest to tall people? We've got them.

The tall club is entirely not-for-profit and run by volunteers, other tall people like yourself. If you like what you see here, we'd like you to join us!

click here for a video of a group of 6' plus New York City people who appeared on the WPIX Anderson Cooper show which aired April 30, 2012


   New York Post – March 1, 2009 by Annie Karni

Article on Page 4 on new NYC hybrid taxis featuring current TCNYC President Barry Hanold

TimeOut New York — May 1–8, 2003   Everyone looks up to the statuesque members of the Tall Club of New York City by Billie Cohen

The New York Times – July 7, 1996

Our photo albums were redone and viewing and download is possible without registration.  Please just click on the PHOTOS link at the top of the page and then follow the prompt to the album of your choice.  We now have a growing colection of photo albums of First Fridays.  By all means stop by and take a look.

Tall Trivia This column will appear from time to time featuring notable personalities and objects of height

Which 5' 11" actress was a feature player in the CBS series "The Unit" as Bridget "Red Cap" Sullivan? For answer click here

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