Trauma is a type of injury that occurs when something hits you, or when you hit something. So what does this have to do with being tall? A lot.

Tall people are more likely to be seriously injured in crashes and other trauma causing events. Tall people’s heads are closer to roofs; knees are closer to dashboards; and shoulders care loser to doors. Also, protective devices like seats, airbags and head rests are designed for average people and may not work optimally with a tall person. In some cases, poorly fitting airbags and seat belts may actually CAUSE injury in a tall person.

In fact, people over 6′ are 27% more likely to be injured in a car crash than someone shorter. source

Another factor is leverage. Leverage is responsible for many worn joints and bad backs in tall people, but it also makes us more vulnerable to bone breakage in an accident. Try this. Take a pencil or a small stick. Grasp each end and break it. Easy, huh? Now take one of the pieces and break it in half. Not so easy. Now take one of the small pieces and break it in half. A lot harder, no?
The longer the piece, the easier it is to break. The same works for the bones in a tall person, they’re easier to break than the bones of a shorter person of the same build.

So how do you prevent trauma injuries? You can’t, completely. But you can be aware of a situation and reduce your chances of being injured.